About me

My name is Saúl Gil Corona and I am self-taught, more by social imperative than by conscious choice. In this way I try to express the things that surround me always trying to experiment with new things. I believe in action and error as a method of learning, I believe in perseverance and discipline to build my dream that sometimes becomes condemnation. Where is the line between sleep and obsession? I really do not know.

In a society or moment in which we approach quite dangerously the complete robotization of the human being, the dictatorship of appearance, the superficial connection with cybernetic things; at a time when we lower our heads looking towards the screen of a mobile and forgetting the communication with those who sit next to us at the table; I try to approach the animal to remember what it is to be human, I am interested in those “magical” things that happen in deep connections and that mathematics cannot explain. I am interested in faith in people, the imperfect, what emanates from feeling and the heart.

This is why one of my most recurring themes is hugs, because I think that this approach of people with people is necessary, chest to chest, soul to soul. This is why the figures of my works tend to be naked, nakedness is honesty, the elimination of masks.

The first path I took to express myself was writing in the form of poetry and songs for two different rock bands I had. But there was a time when I realized that I was missing something to express what I felt or, at least, approach. I needed images that would make those words stronger, pictorial images that would support those poetic images.

Being a child, I already drew a lot, but in adolescence I paused this hobby. Even so, when I resumed the drawing, I remembered a lot.

Self-teaching is useful, especially at the beginning. It serves to dare to undertake new languages. Error teaches you to move forward. But there is always a time when you can get stuck and you need someone outside of you to show you something else.

When art becomes passion, all learning is little. That is why this summer I took a course at the Barcelona Academy of Art (BAA).

About me